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Does your organization need help managing its IT projects? It can be easy to fall into miscommunication, lack of clarity on scope, and missed deadlines. Instead, let Premium Framework be your guide. Reach out to us to have one of our skilled consultants come on board to help with everything from an initial analysis, to planning your project and reaching out to vendors, to streamlining your in-house team’s tasks, and seeing it all through to a successful end.

Project Management

As a micro consulting organization, Premium Framework provides comprehensive project management services to ensure your technology implementation is planned, designed, and integrated and allows you to achieve your organization’s goals. While we tailor our services according to your particular needs, we follow a methodical PMI – PMBOK, AGILE – SCRUM project cycle to ensure successful implementation.

We add value throughout the project’s lifecycle by providing quality services. Regardless of the size and the complexity of the project, we are passionate about taking on the challenge to deliver project quality outcomes duly complying scope, cost and time. We adopt a tailor-made, customized project management work approach that guarantees to meet your requirements whilst addressing project risks and issues along the way.

A highly experienced consultant will provide project management consulting, project delivery, and project control to assist you.

Program Management

We provide highly coordinated overall, holistic program management services that will add value to your organization. No two organizations operate with the same requirements, culture, and structure. To meet the need of your organization we follow a fluid and flexible program management approach to address every core requirement. While we employ PMI program management, we do need to work within it to make it work for you.

Not methodically managed, the program can suffer and can lead to uncontrollable budget, scope, and other inconsistencies. Using our flexible work approach, we will plan, implement and control projects to complement the overall program to meet the overall program objectives. Our program management specialist utilizes the very best program management framework and applied methodology for efficient and consistent outcomes.

With this scalable, structured and flexible methodology, we can start a new program and/or can rescue the existing one.

PMO Management and Project Process Improvement

Consistent application and streamlined process of project and program management practices have remained a challenge for organizations. Enterprise project’s office is the strategic arm of organizations. More and more organizations are increasingly establishing project management offices and those who already have them are challenged to keep up with the ever-evolving project management framework, standards, and methods by improving their process on an ongoing basis.

We can help you in defining project management processes for project delivery. Our consultant not only has the experience in establishing and developing new PMOs but also improving the processes of the existing one. We work with clients when they need to deploy a new PMO, operate a PMO, or optimize and enhance an existing PMO to meet a set of evolving challenges, functions, and services.

Project Audit and Health Check

If you are facing the challenge of a struggling project, we can diagnose the overall performance of the project by thoroughly examining activities right from the conceptual stage to the delivery. We gauge the overall capability of the delivery team, governance structure, changes, risks and other aspects that directly impact the projects by focusing on the tools used, the process followed and people employed whilst precisely determining the factors for the struggling project.

Our consultant will conduct an overall analysis of delivery competency of the organization to take on the project management. By analyzing and evaluating overall projects performance and ways to improve the practices, we examine all aspects of projects including project communication, resource planning, projects artifacts, and project control points.

While we recommend performing an audit in the early stage of the projects, however, audits and health checks can be performed at any phase of the project or even after the project is completed. Our consultant will provide findings along with recommendations to bring it back on track. Objects of consideration of an audit are the project management process, the applied methods, the design of the project organization, etc.

Business Analysis

In this era of business and technology being virtually inseparable, the disciplines of project management and business analysis can, in many situations, no longer be defined as completely separate areas of expertise. This is particularly true for product rollouts, as an example, and for other projects that aim to deliver core business functionality. At Premium Framework, we practice both project management and business analysis competencies as most appropriate to each situation. The advantage of doing this is that it greatly improves the probability of project success and an overall improvement in quality by getting things right the first time.

Our consultant will thoroughly identify your business needs, and determine solutions to address your requirements. We do this by doing a complete business needs analysis, developing a business case, business specifications, functional and non-functional specifications and other related deliverables such as organizations analysis, requirements planning, elicitation, and solution validation.

Vendor Management

Many organizations are not ready to manage their technology vendors. It seems simple, but the relationship with the vendor can make or break your project bet. Effective management of vendors can help organizations resolve issues, leverage on various services, and reduce delivery time and cost. Vendor management is exceedingly difficult if there is a multi-organization arrangement.

Our consultant can plan and manage your IT contract’s lifecycle right from vendor selection, help you contract negotiation, contract management by factoring vendor overall performance review, profile review, assessment of associated risks, due diligence, change management, decision records, and contract management.